TantraZone is a place where I can share my love and adoration of women, their beautiful physical form, and their very essence — through, song, video, orchestral music, and written word. I'm a doctor/healer and artist/musician, and my hope and intention is that through the beauty of art and music, and through the power of words, I can help bring healing to our sexuality and relationships. Spirituality cannot be separated from my life or work, nor can it be separated from you or anyone else. We are all sparks of the same divine. Our souls are individual rivers that will all merge into the same Ocean. Spirituality is “sacred awareness.” I hope to bring a greater awareness to sexuality, to help you experience the depth of Tantra, the ease with which you can understand it, and its immense power to heal. Just as life is to be lived and enjoyed, everything on this site is to be enjoyed. Through that enjoyment, may you experience Sacred Inspiration in many aspects of your life. May you learn a new way of "being" sexually and let go of attitudes about sex/love-making that do not serve you or your partner. — Dr. David Gersten 
Opening Up to Tantra —
The Weaving Together of Sexuality and Spirituality