Tantrikas will want to play THE GIFT, composed of 10 different pieces, and put it on replay (for hours). Rather than diving into bed without any thought or preparation, Invocation, the first piece, is a time to be with each other quietly, connecting with each other and setting your intention. In the case of tantric lovemaking, or tantric massage, the intention is to bring in the highest love, to invite the spiritual realm to be part of the experience, and to take a deep breath or two and let go of any attachment to the outcome. The Invocation is an invitation to each other to stay in the moment, very present with each other.​ ​“Let the Tiger Run” comes on at 45-minutes. Each of the 10 pieces is intended to take you and your lover into slightly different realms or states of consciousness. In some of the pieces, you will feel as if you are out in nature. For 45 minutes you are slowly caressing, stroking, and touching . . . as the fire slowly builds. With “Let the Tiger Run” you will feel the beat and the heat. Need I say more? ​​ “Float” is the last piece, and it is intended as post-orgasmic music. Float is intended to help you float together in that heavenly space. Musically, one hand supports you in heavenly realms, and another hand supports you from below on the earth . . . so that it feels safe to —soar!​​  THE GIFT was not composed like the usual kind of meditative music to accompany lovemaking or massage. I strove to create lasting music…from the rich, classical music and the angelic feeling of Johann Sebastian Bach to classical, Spanish music. My goal was not to steer the direction of your lovemaking or tantric massage, nor to guide it, but to support it, make it more connected, more beautiful, and more divine.​​  Let the dance begin. 

The Gift was composed as a Journey. Each voyage will be a different journey for you.
THE GIFT was initially cmposed and released as music for inspired love-making.
©2008, David Gersten